A Wholesale and Retail Customized Food Distributor Servicing Eastern North Carolina since 1928

Contact Information and Business Hours

To place an order or for general information, including hours of operation, route deliveries, etc please call
(800)-447-3939 or (252)-977-3939
Our office hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday
Our Cash-n-Carry is open to the public from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday-Friday
For Orders by FAX Please dial (252)-977-3518
Toll-Free dial (800) 447-3939

To Contact your Sales Rep:

  • Robert Watson                              rwatson@williamsfoodsinc.com                            (800)-447-3939

  • Mike Jones                                   mjones@williamsfoodsinc.com                             (866)-849-0844

  • Ken Driver                                    kdriver@williamfoodsinc.com                               (252)-212-2546

  • Joe Williams                                 jwilliams@williamsfoodsinc.com                           (800)-447-3939

To Contact Finance Controller:

  • Robbie Gurganus                           robbiegurganus@hotmail.com                              (252)-977-3939

To Contact IT Director:

  • Allen Byrd                                     allenbyrd@ecctechservice.com                              (252)-977-3939

To Contact Cash-n-Carry:

  • Patricia                                        Cash-n-Carry                                                        (252)-977-3939

To Contact Meat Manager:

  • Colleen Waters                            Cwaters@williamsfoodsinc.com                            (252)-977-3939

To Contact Receptionist:

  • Carol Jackson                               cjackson@williamsfoodsinc.com                             (252)-977-3939 

To Contact Warehouse Manager:

  • Raymond Hunter                           Rhunter@williamsfoodsinc.com                              (252)-977-3939


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